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Your Recipe for Influence and Success

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The 9 Biggest Product Training Mistakes

You’re about to introduce a new product. Your corporate revenue targets—and your bonus—depend on a successful launch. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll increase your chances of success. 1. Sales training is an afterthought With all the energy and effort it takes to launch a product—analyzing the market, developing the offering,...

How to Create Compelling Content for Salespeople

Three Secrets for Presenting a New Product to Your Sales Team You just walked off the stage at your global sales event. You presented the new product you’ve been working on for 18 months. You think you nailed it. Or did you? 

Does the conversation between sales reps at the...

7 Ways to Be an Effective Sales Trainer

If you are a product leader, subject matter expert, or salesperson who has to train your sales team or channel partner, here are seven ways to ensure your program is effective. 1. Set clear and specific learning objectives To maximize the results of your training sessions, set clear and specific...

New Sales Leader Checklist

It happens all the time. A top sales producer gets promoted to management. There is no sales leader development program. He doesn’t know where to begin. His head spins. The roles of sales executive and sales leader are completely different. They require a different set of skills. This New Sales...